Empire Bakery

Your Hometown Artisan Bakery

"I judge a restaurant by the bread and coffee."

- Burt Lancaster

Welcome to the Empire Bakery! We have been baking at our location since 2006, though we were not in the retail business until 2012. We opened to the public based on the large demand from our customers at the Coos Bay Farmer's Market. We have expanded our available products to include wine from around the world, cheese from around the state, and locally roasted coffee. We are SO GRATEFUL to those, both locals and annual tourists alike, who have made it a point to visit our shop on a regular basis. All-natural sourdough is not only the best tasting but also the best for you. Click on the address above for directions to our store from Google.

"I've been acting since second grade, telling stories, making my parents laugh here and there, so I'm hoping my 'thing' is acting. But I also make a really good bread pudding."

- Anna Camp




                                  Slice - $4.00                                       Half - $15.00

New York

Oregon Berry

Chocolate Ganache

Cinnamon Streussel

Pumpkin (Oct-Dec)



Sold in 4pks for $4.75

Chocolate & Walnut                       Oatmeal Cranberry

         White Chocolate Hazelnut                       Peanut Butter


Pastries & Treats

Cream Cheese and Oregon Berry Danish                                                        $2.75

Pain-Au-Chocolat (Croissant w/ Dark Chocolate)                                     $2.75

German Bearclaw (House Almond Filling)                                                    $2.75

Cinnamon Rolls w/ Cream Cheese Frosting                                                  $2.75

Fudge Brownies                                                                                   $2.75 or $5.00/2

Cinnamon Cranberry Ciabatta                                                                            $5.00

Blue Cheese & Pecan Shortbread Crackers (Family Recipe)                 $2.50

Almond Buttercake (Family Recipe)                                                                 $2.00